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About AntiClockwise
AntiClockwise is a 25man raiding guild located on the Zul'jin server. Zul'jin is a high pop, EST, PVE server and in the Ruin battlegroup.

AntiClockwise was formed in March of 2009 as a break from 'hardcore' raiding.

If you had to classify us, AntiClockwise is a semi-hardcore guild with a laid-back, fun atmosphere.  Check out our About Anticlockwise forum for detailed information on our guild! 

AntiClockwise is all about playing the game for what it's meant to be. For fun. We enjoy working as a team and progressing together while being able to play the game, joke around and have a good time.

If this sounds appealing to you, apply. :)

Guild Schedule:
25man raid: Tues, Wed, Thursday: 8:00-11:00 EST

Officers: Afker, Gunkx, Kadatth, Avocado
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We used some RAID & the awakeners kicked some insect ass

by Kadatth, 71 days ago

We came, we RAIDed (Get it? RAID??!!!!), and the bugs died!! We're coming for Gary next! Thank you Sir Arnhem for the video!

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Siegecrafter: Shit flying every which way, is finally dead..

by Kadatth, 112 days ago

Despite Siegecrafter doing a million things at once, we managed to kill it! Yeah no kill shot so I did the best I could reconstructing our kill...

Thats 2 bosses left!!!

Who messed up the belt again?

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Where the hell do I stand with this shit:

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Thanks for moving the sawblades out:

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by Greensexy, 135 days ago

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We've been alone with you
Inside our minds
And in our dreams we've raided together
A thousand times
We sometimes see you
When we look at who's online


Is it you we're looking for?
We can see it in your logs
We can see it in your app
You're all we've ever wanted
And our arms are open wide
'Cause you know how to play your class
And you know that fire is bad
And we want to tell you so much
We want you!

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Look at how Darth Vader balances the poorly photoshopped rainbow llama on his finger! Isn't it cool? Apply today!!

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