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About AntiClockwise
AntiClockwise is a 25man raiding guild located on the Zul'jin server. Zul'jin is a high pop, EST, PVE server and in the Ruin battlegroup.

AntiClockwise was formed in March of 2009 as a break from 'hardcore' raiding.

If you had to classify us, AntiClockwise is a semi-hardcore guild with a laid-back, fun atmosphere.  Check out our About Anticlockwise forum for detailed information on our guild! 

AntiClockwise is all about playing the game for what it's meant to be. For fun. We enjoy working as a team and progressing together while being able to play the game, joke around and have a good time.

If this sounds appealing to you, apply. :)

Guild Schedule:
25man raid: Tues, Wed, Thursday: 8:00-11:00 EST

Officers:  Avocado, Kadatth, Gunkx
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Mythic Twin Ogron - Down!

by Kadatth, 4 days ago

TWINS DOWN!!! YEAH!!!!!! (Picture or movie or something coming..maybe..)

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MYTHIC has started! - Kargath Bladefist has been FISTED!

by Kadatth, 38 days ago

So after spending 2x weeks running normal and heroic to try to quickly gear up raiders, we decided to give Kargath a try tonight before the holidays and BLAMO: hes dead. Video and/or pictures to follow soon!

Its true: Kargath is really Nathan Explosion..

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Highmaul Raid (Take 2)

by Kadatth, 52 days ago

So after a few weeks of leveling, garrison missions, crashes, staring at the login screen, garrison missions, characters not found, dungeons, garrison missions, more login screen face time, garrison missions, and a few additional garrison missions, we finally managed to get back to doing what we love to do: raiding! After Tuesday night’s set back due to..yeah, staring at the login screen for Zul’jin, we messed around with Highmaul on Normal mode to give the team a general idea of what the bosses are like. Check this spot later for what will eventually be some Mythic bosses taking a nose dive!

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