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About AntiClockwise
AntiClockwise is a 25man raiding guild located on the Zul'jin server. Zul'jin is a high pop, EST, PVE server and in the Ruin battlegroup.

AntiClockwise was formed in March of 2009 as a break from 'hardcore' raiding.

If you had to classify us, AntiClockwise is a semi-hardcore guild with a laid-back, fun atmosphere.  Check out our About Anticlockwise forum for detailed information on our guild! 

AntiClockwise is all about playing the game for what it's meant to be. For fun. We enjoy working as a team and progressing together while being able to play the game, joke around and have a good time.

If this sounds appealing to you, apply. :)

Guild Schedule:
25man raid: Tues, Wed, Thursday: 8:00-11:00 EST

Officers:  Avocado, Kadatth, Pandasauced, Treland
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Mythic Beastlord Darmac - Fed to the animals

by Kadatth, 52 days ago

So the annoying Beastlord and his assortment of pets are dead. No video to post though :/ Good work team! Onward we go..

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RECRUITING DPS!! Calling all DPS: Melee and Ranged!

by Kadatth, 74 days ago

Anticlockwise wants YOU, DPS AND HEALS, to join our team! We're currently looking for 2-3 DPS and 2x of ANY Healer type other then priests for our raiding team as we work on Mythic raiding in BRF. We will consider nearly any type of DPS provided you have a log and reasonable raid experience! Our current work is on Mythic Oregorger.

Apply here: http://aud.guildlaunch.com/recruiting/app_confirmation.php?curr_mem=1&gid=133548

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Patch 6.1 - Bringing the game and guild to new levels

by Kadatth, 87 days ago

This week's patch has allowed the guild to enter new territory and the guild is making headway into..yes...

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Look for member's ultra important tweets, groundbreaking news stories, and daily going ons within the game. Take note: many members do not use their in game character names but worry not dear reader, we're easy to figure out!

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