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re: Guild Ranks and Guild Leadership

Guild Master/Officers

There is no set guildmaster.

Each officer has a specific role in the guild, and other jobs as needed:


- Healing Lead - Recruitment - Vent - Website Junk & World of Logs, EPGP, Loot Distribution - Kadatth
- DPS Lead - Raid Lead - Gunkx
- Other - (Guild Bank, Attendance, Events Coordinator, Website Junk) - Avocado

What you can expct from your leadership team:

-Officers will try and make the best choices possible for the guild in steering its future course.

-The various officers trust the raid team to do what they do best; officers would ask the raid team to trust them to do their best as well. Input and suggestions are welcome, but some decisions will not be by polls or general consensus.

-Officers will recuse themselves in any situations where a bias may be prevelent.

-Officers will always adhere to our posted raid schedule of 8-11pm EST and will not go over this time limit.

-Any of the officers are available before or after raids to discuss any concerns you may have. Vent, private messages, or ingame whispers are available to everyone.

What the leadership team can expects from you:

-EPGP is a fair system and encourages even Trials to pickup gear. The system does not ‘award’ people based on what class may or may not seem better for an item. Whining about who may be better suited for an item will get you nowhere other then a reputation. Eventually, everyone will get items they are looking for.

-Your rank in guild is not always a gurantee for a raid spot. Play your class well, show up on time, do your best and the raid is happy to have you. Poor performance or repeatedly poor performance may warrant replacement for a fight so the boss can get killed.

Other Guild Ranks:

Raiders make 75% or higher attendance and come fully prepared when they do so. These players understand their class mechanics and raid encounters, move out of fire and have shown a dedication to the guild. Raiders should work well together and prepare to take criticism. Raiders should post on the forums if they are to miss a raid. Raiders have 1st priority in raid slots. Loot distribution is determined by EPGP, for all players.

Trial Raiders
Trials will be recruited for raid positions when raid positions are available. Trial period lasts for 3-4 full raid weeks after which players may be promoted to Raider or Casual raider based upon performance and attendance. Raiders and Officers will discuss each trial based upon performance, attendance and interaction with the guild. Raiders will vote on your trial and an officer will discuss your performance with you at its conclusion. Shared 1st priority for raid slots. Loot distribution s determined by EPGP.

Guild Friends
Guild Friends can be multiple things: players interested in raiding but cannot meet attendance reqs; players interested in raiding but a position is currently unavailable on the roster; friends of officers/raiders; former guild members looking for green text. Friends interested in becoming more than friends (/wink!) should app on the site or express their interest and discuss class needs with an officer. Guild Friends may fill empty positions when available - 3rd priority raid slots and 3rd priority for loot.

Any level your alts may be they're more than welcome here. Alts not logged in within 30 days will be booted; however, if you decide to keep them active again they may be re-invited. This applies to all alts, officers too. Alts will always come last in terms of raid slots and loot distribution.

This rank changes frequently and has had dozens of various names. Bottom line is: dont be a douchewig!


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