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re: On Leaving the Guild

Leaving Our Guild

The guild understands that as time goes on with the game, things can sometimes change: your goals and purpose, the speed and style with which you play the game, your desires/accomplishments, your feeling of contribution to the guild, maybe even your real life work schedule has changed making game play difficult. Just like with the real world, sometimes people feel the grass is greener elsewhere and want to move on.

We encourage people to speak with an officer before making this difficult decision to leave the guild as opposed to a sudden or sneaky departure. If the officers can do something to help and keep you happy and enjoying your stay, we will do all in our power to make it happen. But if in the end your unhappiness is deep rooted and due to something fundamentally wrong with the guild that cannot or will not be changed, then we understand Anticlockwise may no longer be the guild for you.

We also want to make it clear that this does not close the door for you completely. On the other hand, the guild cannot act as a springboard for bigger and better things or a rotating pitstop as you decide whats best for you. We do not want guildmembers bitter or resentful from someone’s coming and going. Nor are we going to cater to any alts you may still have within the guild should you depart.

So here are the rules with leaving the guild and seeking a return:

Speak With an Officer

We encourage members to pick one of the officers to confide in and explain the situation and reason for wanting to depart. By speaking with one of us, you give both of us the opportunity to try to fix what may be upsetting or causing you discomfort to the point that you want to leave. Some of our long term players who fall into this rut will of course be afforded more flexibility then a new recruit who bails a short time later.

We Arent a Revolving Door

If you decide to leave the guild no matter what, there may come that day you want to come back to us. Provided you did not depart under drama and burning your bridges with members, you can re-apply as a Trial like any new recruit. (This is subject to officer approval in having the re-app go up, followed by guildmember input on the new application. Like any trial, if enough guild arent going to have it, the re-app will end up declined and you will not be able to return to the guild.) This is regardless of your rank and/or prior standing with the guild. You get ONE chance with this. Depending why you left and how you left will play a major consideration in this should you wish to return to the guild.

Case By Case

A former guildmember having left and wishing to return will be a case by case basis and will in the end, be under the discretion of the officer team in handling their re-application. Once you leave your alts will be removed from the guild. Keeping them in our guild will cause more drama/resentment then anything else. If you wish to keep in touch with guildmembers, add them to Battlenet. So once you leave, take your Alts with you or remove them at the very least as they will be removed by an officer if you dont.

This policy will be in effect as of this posting and going forward.

In the end, the best advice is to speak with an officer before making this decision.

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